Eyelash Extensions Service

All technicians have 5+ years of Experience are Licensed and Insured in the State of Florida.
Eyelash Extensions are single strands of synthetic, mink or silk hairs which are applied directly to your existing eyelashes. The Ravish Brows South Tampa Specialists must apply these hair strands with medical grade glue one at a time to create a longer and fuller look. Ravish Brows Specialists do this with precision and in a timely manor as we know you have busy schedules. We'll have you looking Ravishing and ready to tackle any occasion with style!

Light Set- A light set is "Half" the amount of lashes used for a full set. Your lashes will not be "Full". if you are looking for a "Full" look you will need to purchase a full set.

  • All Ravish Brows Eyelash Specialist are Licensed esthetician and certified to do Eyelash Extensions.
  • Our Specialists have a minimum of 2 years experience along side our Master Specialist Mya Sophya with 18+ years with Eyelash Extensions.
  • All of our products are high quality medical grade for that luxurious and flawless look.
  • Multiple different looks to suit anyone and any style you wish for.


 Ravish Classic Eyelash Extensions

Ravish Classic Lashes are used to enhance what look you already have with your current eyelashes. This is achieve by attaching one single synthetic eyelash strand to your existing eyelash. You will have a flawless and natural look with our classic eyelash extension Full Set. 
Classic Full Set $160.00
Classic Light Set   $80.00
Fill 2-3 Weeks $60.00
Fill 4-5+ Weeks Initial Price Initial Pricing


Ravish Volume Eyelash Extensions
Ravish Brows Volume Tampa FL

Ravish Volume Lashes are meant to achieve a Dramatic yet Exotic look on your existing eyelashes. This is done by adding multiple strands (1D-10D) of synthetic or mink eyelash extensions into a fan then applying them to one of your individual eyelashes.This Ravish Brows Mastered technique ranges from 2-3 hours depending on your desired look. 
Ravish Volume Full Set $300.00
Ravish Volume Light set $150.00
2-3 Weeks Fill  $90.00
4-5 Weeks  Initial Pricing

Classic + Volume Blend Eyelash Extensions
Ravish Volume Blend Tampa FL

The Ravish Brows Classic + Volume blend allows you to enhance your natural lashes while adding a touch of a dramatic look. This is great for clients who are unsure if they want to get a natural or full dramatic look. With this choice you get the best of both worlds!

Classic + Volume Blend Full Set
Classic + Volume Blend Light Set
2-3 Weeks Fill


Real Mink Fur Eyelash Extensions

The Ravish Minksy is the most natural look you can achieve with eyelash extensions. Minksy eyelash extensions are a blend of silk and synthetic mink which are naturally soft and smaller in diameter which allows your specialist to create a fluffy, full yet soft appearance. If you desire an glamorous yet natural look these are the eyelash for you. 

Minsky Fur Full Set $250.00
Minsky Light Set $125.00
2-3 Weeks Fill $75.00
4-5 Weeks  Initial Price

Lash Lift
Ravish Brows Lash Lift

Lash Lift  80.00

Other Services

Eyelash Removal 


Pre- Requirements for Fills?
     You must have 40% of your eyelash extensions the day of your visit to ravish brows for you to be eligible to receive a fill.
This will be determined by your Ravish Brows eyelash specialist. You can not come in after 4 weeks (21 days) and receive a 
fill you will be charged the initial amount you paid for the Eyelash Extensions.

What's the difference between a Light Set and a Full Set of eyelash extensions?
     A Light Set will be half the number of eyelash applied this means the eyelashes will have a more natural look than a Full Set would.