If you are booking online for our Tampa, Florida location for the first time you will be required to confirm your appointment 24 hours after booking. If you do not confirm your appointment 24 hours after the online booking it will be CANCELED.
- To have a Credit Card on file to book an appointment online.
- Full Name 
- Phone Number
- Email Address

If any of the following are missing when you book your appointment online, your appointment will be cancelled automatically. 

 Direction’s To Book Online:   
 There are a few simple steps to follow and you can book anytime anywhere also accessible through our Ravish Brows Mind Body application supported by iPhone and androids. 
  1. Select the service you would like from the drop down menu.
  2. Select the specialist you would like to book with.
  3. Check which date which you would like to come in (it will automatically choose up to 7 days.
  4. You will see a list of times to book from, click on the time you would like. (If you do not see an availability for that day or time it is currently booked.)
  5. A window will then pop up asking you to create and account or login to your existing account.
  6. Follow the instructions and your Ravish Brows appointment is Booked!
  7. A receipt will be sent to you immediately and 24 hour courtesy call or email will be sent to you before your appointment on the selected date with your specialist.

If you have any question about booking and appointment online please contact us:

Phone: (813)-546-4578
Email: Ravishbrows@gmail.com
Location: 4318 El W Prado Boulevard Tampa, Florida 33629


Booking Online & FAQ

My Appointment was Cancelled?

You have failed to provide one or more of the following:
- Credit Card On File
- Full Name
- Phone Number
- Email Address
-Confirm the appointment 24 hours after booking online

Why do I have to make two separate accounts?

 Ravish Brows MindBody Online Booking system is separate from our Online Training Store as you will be visiting us in person we like to keep our information separate. It is ok to make the logins both the same you will not receive multiple emails or any unwanted spam.

Im trying to book a date and time but it won't let me?

     This is because the date you are trying to book for is completely booked up please look for a future date. It is not uncommon for the eyelash and microblading specialist to be book 1 month out. 

Do I receive any benefit from making an online booking account?

     Great question as your loyalty as a customer is the upmost importance to us we at ravishbrows would love to reward you. We offer monthly coupons, monthly giveaways and a rewards point system for all members who create an online booking account through our MindBody application.

What it the Rewards Point System?

     We at Ravish Brows feel that it is very important to reward all of our clients, so we came up with our rewards point system. For every $1.00 you spend you get $0.015 back this is added directly to your account at the time of checkout. Having a client referral and  booking an appointment online from our app or MindBody website will give you points. These points are redeemable at anytime towards any service or product we offer at the time of purchase. These reward points cannot be converted to cash they are only useable through the MindBody Online Booking website. You cannot use your rewards funds for tipping your specialist. Your points will rollover each month and there is no cap on how many points you can collect. You cannot share your points with another clients these are for your personal use only. 

Ravish Point System:

  • For every $1.00 spent you receive 1 Ravish point ($0.015)
  • Referrals = 667 Ravish points ($10.00)
  • Booking Online through MindBody = 10 Ravish points ($0.15) 

Booking Microblading Online

     If you are booking microblading online you will need to first have a consultation. Everyone is required to have a consultation 1 week prior to the treatment. You will also need to send a picture of your eyebrows prior to your consultation there are No Exceptions. We will not take any last minute clients everyone must go through the same procedure.

Picture Requirements:

  • Must have no makeup, editing, or tanning in the eyebrow area.
  • Close up of the eyebrows only
  • Good source of lighting.
Please send this photo to Ravishbrows@gmail.com

Why do I have to give credit card information to book?
 It is required for first time clients to make an appointment as this ensures you will not miss your appointment as we set this time aside specifically for you. We have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy, if you do not give us 24 hours notice you will be charged $25 dollars. This also applies for No shows, for more information on our policies please visit the Privacy & Policies tab. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you!