Microblading & Powder Brows 6 Month Apprenticeship

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Mya Sophya Recently Won The Award For Best Microblading Of The Bay 2023

6 Months Ravish Brows Apprenticeship

  • Up to 6 shadowing procedures 
  • Answer and question that may arise 
  • Shadow Mya Sophya through her procedures start to finish
  • Get step by step guidance while working on your a live Model
  • Gain the extra confidence you need to perform your services
  • Bring your own live model to train on or watch Mya work live on her clients
  • Get professional microblading pictures before and afters to boost your client trust.
  • Build a beautiful portfolio with Mya’s guidance and help to get you more clients.
  • This is only exclusively available to Ravish Brows Students you must have received a Ravish Brows certificate in the past 12 months. 

Don't Miss Out Need An Extra Confidence BOOST ???

    It's not unusual for students to still seek extra guidance after graduation, the Ravish Brows Powder and Microblading Apprenticeship by Mya Sophya gives you a chance for you to bring your own models in and have Mya work with you step by step. She will be with you from the consultation through out the whole procedure working with you until you have completed your model. You also have the choice to watch Mya work live on her clients from start to finish.

 Learn from the BEST she has 1000+ Ravishing Microblading procedures done by her personally. 

    Don't settle for a teacher that doesn't actually work in the industry daily, Mya is in the salon everyday doing Microblading, Powder Brows, Nano Brows and Microshading services for clients. She is a licensed and insured tattoo artist with over 16 years of experience.

The cost of the Apprenticeship is $2999.00 U.S dollars, at the time of purchase through the Ravish Brows online store you will be charged $2999.00, $900.00 of that is a Non-refundable (this is included in the cost of the apprenticeship $2999.00). We accept all major credit cards, Pay-pal and Cash a receipt will be provided for both the online and in-class payments. We do not accept Money orders, Personal checks or any other forum of payment. 

This Apprenticeship is for Ravish Brows Microblading and Powder Brows Graduates Only. You must obtain a Blood Bourne Pathogen certificate and Florida State Tattoo License before taking the Ravish Brows Apprenticeship. This can be done online if you have questions as to were to find this course please contact us. You will also need to obtain tattoo insurance through a company and bring a copy of your policy. You will also need to bring proof of completion with you to the prior to the first apprenticeship.

4318 El Prado Blvd. Tampa, Florida 33629 

    You must call to book your apprenticeship dates once a month. If you wish to work on your own live model with Mya the time will take place after salon hours which is 7p.m. Monday through Wednesday. If you have to cancel your Apprenticeship date you may not be able to get back in that month and have to wait till the following month to book again.

How do I schedule my Shadowing?

You will need to call the salon and speak with Mya 14 days prior to doing your clients consultation or microblading procedure. Keep in mind not every model will be a good candidate this is why you will need to do a consultation first.

Can I do more than one shadowing in a month?

Option 1: You can do 1 procedure per month over the course of 6 months.
Option 2: You can do 2 procedures per month over the course of 3 months.

Will someone be helping me during my shadowing?

Master Mya Sophya will be helping you through the procedure from start to finish.

Will I need to do a consultation with my model prior to doing Microblading?

All live models require a consultation prior to the actual procedure. 

Will I have to bring my own supplies?

You will be provided with everything necessary to complete the procedures from start to finish

Will Mya help me after my apprenticeship?

You will be able to call, text and email Mya an unlimited amount of times after you graduate from the apprenticeship.

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