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          Eyelash extensions have in recent years; become a massive trend in this country and the world over. You might think that looking glamorous with the help of long, thick eyelashes is exclusive to Hollywood movie stars. Well, that just isn't the case anymore. Eyelash extensions are the latest beauty trend. Whether it's a model at a photo shoot or homemakers, women everywhere are making extensions a part of their beauty regime and that opens up all kinds of career opportunities.

An Eyelash Extension School can train you to be a technician in this fast expanding market. You will learn what's needed to properly apply synthetic eyelashes to a client. Once your training is complete, you'll have the potential of working in a beauty salon or opening your own business. As eyelash extensions increase in popularity, the demand for professional applications by trained individuals in the beauty industry may also be expected to increase. 

Qualities of a good eyelash extension technician


  1. Keen eyesight

A good eyelash extension technician must have keen eyesight. Applying eyelash extension means that the technician will have to work under a magnifying glass. It is not uncommon for the eyes to try to compensate for the disparities in vision in this resolution. Therefore, a good technician should have his or her eyesight checked out and complete many practice rounds on a mannequin before working on an actual person. 

  1. Steady hands

This is one of the most important attributes an eyelash technician should have, as they will be required to work with sharp objects and glues at all times, having steady hands is required to avoid accidents. They must also learn how to use both hands efficiently. Most people are not ambidextrous and so they struggle with their other hand. An eyelash technician should be able to work with both hands as they would be required to. 

  1. Good visual spatial ability

Nobody wants an uneven eyelash. Part of the qualities a good eyelash technician should possess is the ability to make both sides of the eyes even. They must have a good spatial ability and be able to judge when one eyelash seems fuller or scantier than the other. 

  1. They must be certified

Experience they say is the best teacher but, before experience, there must be adequate training. A good eyelash extension technician must have undergone the necessary training required in the art and be certified in the profession. The eyes are the most delicate organ on the body so it is important to be able to keep it safe whenever someone trusts you with theirs. There are many training courses and levels available for individuals who want to become a certified eyelash extension technician.

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